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Lesson1Hermitage Golf Course Teaching Center featuring Doug Curtiss

Having the reputation as one of the top facilities in the state for over two decades, Hermitage Golf Course is dedicated to helping all golfers become the golfer they want to be through high quality instruction and practice/learning facilities.

Led by Director of Instruction Doug Curtiss, our teaching center allows each student to learn golf how he/she learns best. It is tailored to your goals, abilities, learning style, and mental/emotional approach to the game. Every aspect of your game can be improved using our excellent grass range, huge putting green, and practice bunker.

About Doug Curtiss:

Doug is a Class “A” PGA professional and has taught thousands of golf lessons at Hermitage Golf Course over the past nine years to all ages and all skill levels. A cornerstone for Doug’s success is that he has a true passion for teaching that his students can see and feel. True learning is best done when the student is relaxed and not trying too hard and Doug makes sure to help each student learn as an individual.

lesson2Doug’s teaching philosophy:

“Nearly everyone is capable of playing much better than they currently do. With me, you will learn the true fundamentals of the game that will simplify, not complicate, every aspect of your learning. I will help you understand the golf swing better and identify what mistakes you make and why. This will allow your practice time to be more efficient and productive. Together, we will build a simple, repeatable swing that will make the game more enjoyable.”

Private Instruction

Adult (45 minute lesson)

  • $80 (per lesson)
  • $350 (five lesson series)
  • $625 (ten lesson series)
  • $2300 [annual series (call for details)]

**Playing lessons by request**
Junior (45 minute lesson)

  • $70 (per lesson)
  • $275 (five lesson series)
  • $500 (ten lesson series)
  • $1950 [annual series (call for details)]
  • $50 (30 minute lesson)
  • $200 (five lesson series)
  • $350 (ten lesson series)

Group Instruction

“Get Golf Ready”

“Get Golf Ready” is an adult beginner program specifically designed for the new golfer, the former golfer, and the infrequent golfer, who wants more enjoyment from the game. This program offers a supportive, relaxing atmosphere that includes a minimum of eight hours of instruction, on-course playing experiences covering the rules, etiquette reviews, and group play with other golfers of similar abilities. Multiple tee areas allow each player to enjoy our courses from an appropriate distance to help make the game more fun. Call (615) 847-4001 and ask for PGA Professional Kyle Walden (kwalden@pga.com) for more information on Get Golf Ready.


“When it comes to golf, the only thing better than playing 18 holes is working on my swing with Doug Curtiss. In every lesson Doug teaches cause and effect, so I understand the mistakes I’m making, how those mistakes affect ball flight, and most importantly, how to make corrections on the range and on the course. Doug is passionate about teaching and cares about my improvement. Thanks to Doug, I’ve gotten stronger in every aspect of the game — I’m easily ten strokes better every round. But the real reason I take lessons with Doug Curtiss is because it’s a hell of a lot of fun.” – Rich Hays

“Doug, I couldn’t be more excited about the improvement in my golf game. I must admit, I was skeptical that hitting into a net all winter would produce the results I wanted. But the proof is, as they say, on the scorecard. I especially appreciate YOUR dedication to making my game better. Your patience and encouragement have been tremendous. I can’t wait to get back on the lesson tee with you and see my handicap continue to drop.”
-Darrin Crowder

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