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    Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starting site fee for wedding’s during peak season?


Which of the following are included in starting site fee?

Ceremony site, Cocktail Hour Site, Reception Site, Bride and Groom Dressing Rooms, tables, chairs and white linens.

What about food, can we bring in our own caterer?

Hermitage Golf Course does not allow outside catering or beverages. We have an excellent chef on staff that can prepare the suggested items on the menu as well as create a menu for you!

If we are having our wedding and reception at Hermitage Golf Course, can we have our rehearsal dinner at a reduced Rate?

YES! If you have your wedding and reception with us, we will provide the room complimentary and offer a reduced menu price for the rehearsal dinner.

Can we have a rehearsal the day before our wedding?

You will have an hour for your rehearsal on the day before your wedding, if there isn’t another event on that date.

What instructions do we need to pass on to our vendors, if we are not using a preferred vender of Hermitage Golf Course?

We want all persons involved in your special day to feel welcomed. However, we do require that they use only the areas that you are renting. An example – if you are renting the Pavilion and the Garden, then the banquet room is not available for a vendor to prepare in. They also MUST have a certificate of insurance with a liability policy of at least one million dollars.

My bakery is delivering the cake – what happens next?

We are not prepared to “fix” a broken cake. Therefore, we leave it to the experts! Your bakery (or someone you assign this special duty to) is responsible for your cake from the time it arrives until it is moved to your cake table. Also PLEASE tell your bakery if you are having your cake located in the Pavilion, explaining that it is an open air location that is not climate controlled.

Can we take photographs on the golf course?

Yes. Please remember Hermitage Golf Course is first and foremost a Golf Course. Our golfers should always be shown the courtesy of allowing them to continue their game. . There is a $100 fee for a staff member to accompany you to the desired location(s) for max of 4 hours (to ensure there is a staff member available for photos before the wedding and after the wedding).

What can we use as we leave for our guests to send us off?

Some things not permitted are silk rose petals, confetti, rice and birdseed. Please check with our event staff for approval of any items other than bubbles or flower petals.

Can we hang things?

You can decorate however you like, as long as you don’t put nails in walls, eaves or posts/columns. All decorations have to be removed same day after the event. Hermitage Golf Course does offer draping (for additional fee). Outside vendors for draping are not allowed. If you are hanging lights that will be hung from the rafters or ceilings, we require that it be completed by a professional with a one million dollar liability insurance policy.

What about candles – can I use them and are there any restrictions?

Candles are absolutely beautiful in all of our rooms, especially the Pavilion in the evening! The only restriction is that the candles are contained if they are not drip less. If they are free standing candles, they have to be a drip less candle. “Just a note” – candles not ‘protected’ from a breeze in the Celebration Garden or Pavilion tend to blow out with a breeze.

How soon can we start decorating?

If you are renting a space, it is available to you from 2:00 p.m. until midnight. Set up cannot begin before 2:00. Therefore an event cannot begin until the spaces have been completely set up. Tables will not have linens on them until 2:30. If there is not an event before 2:00 p.m., you are welcomed to begin earlier. Please check with the event staff to see if there is another event prior to yours. If your event needs to begin prior to 2:00, then you will need to speak with staff to determine your set up and break down times.

What do you do with left-over food or flowers?

We are unable to send ‘uneaten’ food home with you because of health department regulations. The only exception is your cake. However, flowers can be delivered to hospice or to the nursing home.

Do you have dressing rooms for the Bridal Party?

Yes – separate rooms for the Bridal Party and Groom and groomsmen.

How many guests can I accommodate?

The Garden is capable of seating 250 guests. The Pavilion is capable of seating 200 guests. The Banquet Room is capable of seating 144. However, if you chose to have a DJ or dance area in either room, seating will be reduced.

What size are the rooms?

The Pavilion is 45′ x 65′. The Banquet room is 40′ x 53′.

What about tastings?

As soon as you reserve your date with us and choose a menu we can schedule a tasting. There is a $40 per person charge for tastings if you have not signed a contract. Not all items are available for tasting. All tastings will be scheduled when we have another wedding or event with similar items.

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