Liability Waiver- PLEASE READ ALL

By checking the I agree box at the bottom of this, I agree I have permission to sign this junior up for Hermitage Golf Courses Junior Golf Camp. I agree that all of the
information filled in above is correct and Hermitage Golf Course will not be held liable if any of the information such as allergies or photography permission was mistyped.
I agree to the understanding that Hermitage Golf Course will do its absolute best to keep my junior and other juniors as safe as possible during camp by constant supervision as well as a low child to adult ratio,
in the event that life happens, golf clubs are dangerous and balls flying through the air are dangerous, I will not hold Hermitage Golf Course or any of the instructors liable for any injuries my child could obtain.
I understand that registering for the camp is a commitment and the camp will be staffed based on the amount of juniors signed up as well as gifts bought based off of the amount of juniors signed up. In the event
of not being able to attend the camp more than 3 weeks out you will be refunded the full amount, any notice of not being able to attend the already committed to camp after JUNE 3 you will be given the gifts
already purchased for your junior and you will be refunded 40% of your camp fee. By checking this I agree box I am signing it with my name and agreeing to reading and complying to all conditions above.